LG 400W 2CH Mini System

There are tons of mini systems in the market, and it can get really confusing on what brand to consider when purchasing. Most of them offer the same old features but do not have any outstanding feature. This is what separates LG 400W 2CH Mini System amongst all those mini system products in the market. It has style and impressive key features that will be surely enjoyed by the user.

One of the unique features of the 400W 2CH Mini System from LG is that it is a mini home audio system with iPod or iPhone dock. This is very convenient nowadays, since a lot of people store their music or their favorite songs in their iPods or iPhones. The said mini system produces vibrant and rich sound that will definitely give the user an enhanced listening experience. Also, the user can recharge their iPod or iPhone while listening to their full collection of music.

If you are planning to have a party at your place and would like to have fun music as if that a DJ is playing it for you, LG Mini System’s Auto DJ feature is perfect for your needs. Just make a playlist or load all the songs you want to play and the Auto DJ automatically blends the end of one song into the beginning of the next song. This produces seamless playback.

If you do not have an iPod or iPhone, you can use your external flash drive to play your songs. LG 400W 2CH Mini System has dual USB host that allows USB 1 and USB 2 direct recording, another impressive feature of this mini system model. USB direct recording allows the user to record CD audio music directly to the user’s USB memory or to the connected MP3 player. You can also convert audio files from CD audio (.CDA) to .MP3 format in one simple process.

LG 400W 2CH Mini System is also compatible for CD, CD-R and CD-RW, MP3 CD and WMA CD formats that can be all accommodated in its 3 CD tray disc capacity. Its tuner range is FM (100KHz) 87.5 ~ 108.0 MHz, which is excellent for those who want to jam along to the songs on the radio through its digital seek and scan.

As for its audio input, LG 400W 2CH Mini System can definitely deliver. One of its key features is its portable audio input. The mini system has a functional 3.5mm input jack which allows the user to play music from their MP3 player, iPhone, iPod and other audio devices through the powerful 400 watt, 239 x 440 x 335mm speakers that produce clear and rich sounds. It also has a LED beat lighting and inclined speaker that enhance and amplify the sounds being produced.

LG 400W 2CH Mini System is recommended for those who want to experience an incredible audio quality without spending too much cash. It would fit for those who have a small space and are on a budget.


Acoustic guitars and Croweology: A Review of Black Crowes Latest Album

Acoustic guitars play a huge role in Black Crowes’ latest album entitled ‘Croweology’.

Black Crowes is an American rock and roll band that has been in the music industry since 1984. Several music newspapers and magazines such as the Melody Maker and the Rolling Stone hailed the band as “The Most Rock ‘n’ Roll Rock ‘n’ Roll Band in the World” and the Best New American Band during the 90s. The band underwent hiatus, changing of members’ lineup and then back to making new materials and going on tour.

‘Croweology’ is their 9th studio album, which is a double, all acoustic album. The idea behind this album is the 20th anniversary celebration of the band. The album also depicts how far their music and their lives have gone.

According to Steve Gorman, the band’s drummer, all of their songs in this new album will begin on acoustic guitar. In an interview with Standard-Examiner, he shared that “If you are writing a song on full volume with an amp, that is not likely a song that will last. If it is a real song, you can sit with an acoustic guitar and play it and it’ll sounds good.”

Gorman also added that for this album, the vibes for each song were different compared to the past materials they have done. “I think it (Croweology) is the most cohesive unit ever,” he shares. He also commented in that same interview that one of those things that sets Black Crowes apart from other bands is the fact that they work in a classic yet undated manner.  “Someone said to me recently, ‘You guys don’t seem to blaze new trails,’ and I said, ‘If you want to look at it like that, at least we are keeping the old trails passable.’

Acoustic guitars will also play a huge role on their upcoming tour where they will play two sets, one all-acoustic and one plugged-in.



JOHN DAVIS – Drums / Percussion / Vocals / Etc.

HARRIS KLAHR – Guitars / Vocals / Synths / Etc.

CHRISTOPHER RICHARDS – Guitars / Vocals/Bass / Synths



Q and Not U, comprised of John Davis, Harris Klahr and Chris Richards, formed in the summer of 1998 (along with former member Matt Borlik) and began playing out in November of that year. The band’s first release, the Hot and Informed single, came out in April 2000. The band’s second release, the No Kill No Beep Beep full-length record, was released in October of 2000. Following extensive touring on behalf of No Kill No Beep Beep, the band parted ways with Borlik in late 2001. Q And Not U released a single on vinyl and compact disc, called On Play Patterns, in April of 2002. In May and June of 2002, the trio returned to Inner Ear Recording Studio to record a new full-length, Different Damage. It was released in the fall of 2002 and, like their previous recordings, it was produced and engineered by Ian MacKaye and Don Zientara. Following the release of Different Damage, Q And Not U embarked upon extensive touring of the U.S., Europe, Canada and Japan. In June of 2003, Q And Not U re-entered Inner Ear with Ian and Don to record two new songs for a single. This single, “X-Polynation”/”Book of Flags,” was released in September of 2003 and coincided with another large U.S. tour. In 2004, Q And Not U played shows in the U.S. throughout the spring in preparation for the recording of their third album, Power. Power was recorded in June of 2004 in Brooklyn, NY. with Rafael Cohen and Pete Cafarella. It was mixed in July ’04 at Inner Ear with Rafael and Don Zientara. Power was released in October of ’04 and was followed with more touring of the U.S. and Europe. Q And Not U played its final show in Washington, D.C. on September 23, 2005.