Acoustic guitars and Croweology: A Review of Black Crowes Latest Album

Acoustic guitars play a huge role in Black Crowes’ latest album entitled ‘Croweology’.

Black Crowes is an American rock and roll band that has been in the music industry since 1984. Several music newspapers and magazines such as the Melody Maker and the Rolling Stone hailed the band as “The Most Rock ‘n’ Roll Rock ‘n’ Roll Band in the World” and the Best New American Band during the 90s. The band underwent hiatus, changing of members’ lineup and then back to making new materials and going on tour.

‘Croweology’ is their 9th studio album, which is a double, all acoustic album. The idea behind this album is the 20th anniversary celebration of the band. The album also depicts how far their music and their lives have gone.

According to Steve Gorman, the band’s drummer, all of their songs in this new album will begin on acoustic guitar. In an interview with Standard-Examiner, he shared that “If you are writing a song on full volume with an amp, that is not likely a song that will last. If it is a real song, you can sit with an acoustic guitar and play it and it’ll sounds good.”

Gorman also added that for this album, the vibes for each song were different compared to the past materials they have done. “I think it (Croweology) is the most cohesive unit ever,” he shares. He also commented in that same interview that one of those things that sets Black Crowes apart from other bands is the fact that they work in a classic yet undated manner.  “Someone said to me recently, ‘You guys don’t seem to blaze new trails,’ and I said, ‘If you want to look at it like that, at least we are keeping the old trails passable.’

Acoustic guitars will also play a huge role on their upcoming tour where they will play two sets, one all-acoustic and one plugged-in.

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